Activities at school

museo e scuola

For nearby schools the Museo del Balì encourages agreements to establish a privileged relationship with teachers and to support formal school teaching, as well as offering economic convenience compared to the single visit.

The appointments will be made from October to February and will be 1-hour long.
Thanks to our long-term planning, each year students can go through new and stimulating experiences

Why make a School agreement?

Making an agreement is convenient:

  • From an economic point of view: discounts on our regular fees can go up to 30%!
  • From an organizational point of view: activities in your classrooms, according to a calendar planned together; no form filling, no phone calls and just one payment.
  • From an educational point of view: the activities are chosen by the teachers according to school programs and following a long-term school plan.

How to plan a School agreement?

To plan an agreement, please call us +39 0721 892390 (Mondays to Fridays from  9:00 am to 1:00 pm) or send an e-mail to to make an appointment by us or by your school. In order to schedule the appointments, the principal and other teachers should be involved.
Afterwards the Museum will write up a contract and sign it with your Institute.
Payment will be made according to the contract.

School agreement fees


in Province*

in Region*

out of Region*

1 app

€ 130,00

€ 150,00

ad hoc

2-5 app

€ 125,00

€ 145,00

€ 170,00

6-10 app

€ 120,00

€ 140,00

ad hoc

11-20 app

€ 115,00

€ 135,00

ad hoc

From 21 app

€ 110,00

€ 130,00

ad hoc

* fee for 1 appontments 1-hour long