Biglietto Sospeso

biglietto sospeso

BIGLIETTO SOSPESO* - Pay now, visit whenever you want!

* In Italian "sospeso" means standing-by.

The Museo del Balì, like many other cultural Insitutions, has been strongly hit by the economic crisis due to Covid-19. The strike has been even harder because this Museum is private and ruled by a Foundation.

We want to go on and make people have fun with Science, like we have done in the past 16 years, but nothing is like before. 

So, help us to start anew: if you want to come and visit our Museum, buy below a "biglietto sospeso": you will have an OPEN ticket with no deadline which you can use or to give as a gift.



At the moment it's possible to buy online via Paypal (even without a registered account) or via wire transfer.

To speed up payment, some combos are set:

  • Family 2+1 a group composed by 2 adults and 1 junior (or senior) 
  • Family 2+2 a group composed by 2 adults and 2 junior (or senior) 
  • Family 3+1 a group composed by 3 adults and 1 junior (or senior)


Biglietto sospeso

Bonifico bancario

INTESTAZIONE: Fondazione "Villa del Balì"

IBAN: IT69E0851968260000000014711

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