Hands-on Visit

Visita Museo 2.0

The museum was opened in 2004 and it is a must for those who, alone, with a friend or with their family, visit the Province of Pesaro-Urbino.

People of all ages can come: the Museum is a magical place for children, it’s original for young ones and surprising for adults. There is only one rule: hands-on!

Totally renewed in 2016 July, the museum has nine rooms to visit for nine different topics: Perception, Physics, Math, Earth Science, Life Science and Temporary Exhibitions.

Touching, listening, smelling, looking, thinking: this is the way visitors move along a path of knowledge which, from the principles of perception, lead us to discover the nature of light and to unleash the key concept of science.

There isn't a guided tour for visitors. At each step our ideas about the world are confused: we have to try (by ourselves!) and try again to learn to formulate hypothesis close and closer to reality. This is the invitation of each interactive exhibit, a unique way to rediscover yourself as a scientist; no matter your age.

The exploration lasts about 1 and half hours. There are captions for help.

Here you can find a list with the exhibits in each room with a brief explanation (Italians only - English coming soon).